Fading Light 180 gram LP (2008)

Fading Light 180 gram LP (2008)


Produced by Jimi Zhivago, recorded and mixed by Pete deBoer and featuring Mars Volta drummer Blake Fleming.

Mastered by Greg Calbi and Raymond Janos
Pressed at RTI

Label: Experience Vinyl

Fading Light was mixed at New York's Magic Shop directly to ½" analog tape, and the lacquer was cut directly from the tape machine to the cutter head with no digital conversion of any kind.

  1. I Feel Like A Fading Light

  2. People

  3. Glove

  4. My Dress is Hung

  5. Turpentine

  6. Baby I Need You

  7. Ninety-Five Things

  8. Who is Golden

  9. Everything Ends

  10. Hit Me

  11. Roses

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